Connie Brown
Reports by Constance Brown, CMT, MFTA
IFTA Master of Financial Technical Analysis

Connie was the brand manager for Eastman Kodak's Professional Color Films when she left the firm for Wall Street in 1988. The company made the decision, after a hotly contested battle, not to launch a product they had first developed... the digital camera. She wrote an executive report to the Chairman stating the decision would be the undoing of the company and for this reason she would leave the firm due to the extraordinary risks ahead. The company entered bankruptcy twenty years later and the massive coating allies are silent.

Connie's ability to evaluate risk and opportunity continued the next 26 years as an institutional trader and Hedge Fund Manager. She has advised institutional clients who acknowledge her market timing and global strategies are often well ahead of the industry and is one of the top resources in the world using technical analysis. The 2007 book released by Bloomberg Press; "Breakthroughs in Technical Analysis; New Thinking from the World's Top Minds" recorded in print her warning of a major global correction for 2008. She was four years ahead of the industry in thinking about a possible breakdown of the Euro currency and a global banking crisis. Now her assessment for the Oil markets by 2019 has started a new buzz within the industry. Her reputation is based on audited returns and remarkable documented market calls for significant trend reversals at specific dates and price levels.

Institutions have studied Connie's nine books on technical analysis and studied 'Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional-2nd Edition' for their industry designation of CMT; the 'Chartered Market Technicians' licence. The major domino effects of financial cash flows in equities and rates across Asia, the Middle East, India, Europe, and North America are best described as a passion for this evolving history of growth and market contraction.

Future Goals
The future goal is to continue to grow the acceptance and application of technical analysis through results for institutional clients. The primary methods of expertise include advanced geometry, Gann Analysis, Fibonacci, and Elliott. In the future the ninth book will be written on Gann Analysis. But these are only the tools and the strength of the methodology is in the development and recognition of changing trends based on global cash flow analysis throughout the financial markets.