Connie Brown
Reports by Constance Brown, MFTA
IFTA Master of Financial Technical Analysis

The 2018 inductee to the Canadian Society of Technical Analysis Hall of Fame.

Former institutional trader (SP500 trading specialist), retired hedge fund manager, global financial cash flow analyst, and President/Founder of Aerodynamic Investments Inc.,   
Author of 8 books; 'Fibonacci Analysis', 'Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional, 2nd Ed,', 'Mastering Elliott Wave'... +5 others.
Connie founded the 'Composite Index' recommended by George Lane, Stochastics’ founder, in the introduction of Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional. The oscillator warns when RSI has failed to form a warning divergence signal.
Connie is on IFTA's Education Committee. A much-anticipated book on Gann Analysis is about to go into production for release late 2019. 

Future Goals
The future goal is to continue to grow the acceptance and application of technical analysis through results for institutional clients. The primary methods of expertise include advanced geometry, Gann Analysis, Fibonacci, and Elliott. In the future the ninth book will be written on Gann Analysis. But these are only the tools and the strength of the methodology is in the development and recognition of changing trends based on global cash flow analysis throughout the financial markets.